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Front Space: Create your portfolio in seconds

Front Space: Create your portfolio in seconds

A free and open source platform to create beautiful portfolio and landing pages.

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Anubhav Choudhary
·Jun 28, 2022·

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Table of contents

  • A Quick Back Story
  • Walkthrough
  • Build with
  • Some Pages Made
  • Links
  • Contribute

Front Space is a platform to quickly create single-page websites and host them on a custom subdomain for the world to see.

A Quick Back Story

I am always fascinated with beautiful web designs and portfolios. I randomly scroll through Product Hunt and r/web_design. And this app is basically a result of that only. For a long time, I had been thinking of making such an app, but couldn't find the motivation. But thanks to Hashnode and Linode, here we are.


Build with

Of course, love. But also a number of amazing technologies.

Front end

OK, so the front end is completely made with React.js. I've also used an awesome component library called Chakra UI. The front end is then deployed on Netlify, which also provided me with a fantastic CI/CD pipeline for deployment previews.And lastly, I've used Framer Motion to render some animations.

Back end

Next is the back end. The back end of our application is an Express app, running on top Node.js. I've used Passport.js and jsonwebtoken both for handling authentication. (I'd love to blog about this if anyone's interested)


Lastly, the deployment. So the back end is deployed on Linode, which provided an awesome $100 credit (recommended to check this out, the instances are as cheap as $5 a month). Next, I used Docker and Docker Compose for containerization and easy deployment of applications. And Nginx to reverse proxy the inbound traffic to docker instance.


  • Gitpod: an awesome cloud IDE

  • Github actions

  • Cloudflare: DNS management

  • Hostinger: domain

Some Pages Made






Source code:


It ain't much, but it's honest work.

I know the app has a number of flaws, and I'm continuously working to make it a good product. But to achieve that, your help is needed.

If you find any flaw in the app, please file an issue on Github. Or feel free to mail me.

And if you can, contribute <3

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