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Season of KDE Selection

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Anubhav Choudhary
·Jan 13, 2021·

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Hey people from around the world !!

I am Anubhav Choudhary, an engineering student from India. I recently got selected in Season of KDE 2021 to work under Calamares project. My work is to resolve numerous issues and complete some tasks mentioned on Calamares' Issue page. And I am just too excited about that. Why? Because I have been contributing to open source (to KDE? yes) for sometime now. But It always felt very unordered and random contributions (which I was not happy about). But now that I'm in SoK and things are preplanned, hopefully these next 3 months will be smooth and calm.

A big thank to Carl Schwan and Adriaan de Groot for help and mentorship.

I would be writing some more blogs as I proceed forward to contribute in Calamares. I would love to hear from you readers (feedback, suggestions, comments anything).

IRC: Telegram:

Thanks for reading and long live open source :)

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